Friday, May 22, 2009

makeup intervention

Today I decided to clean out my makeup drawer and I was overwhelmed by all the stuff I had that I don't use. I had about 6 black eyeliners 2 mineral foundations 3 liquid foundations........ must I go on? (I know I'm not alone). Ive had this obsession with department store makeup for the longest time I know most of us women do and more power to you if you don't, but I find myself spending way to much money for the newest cosmetics to then leaving them not even half empty, and moving on to the next thing. So I decided to try being a little more aware of how
much money I'm spending///not good/// ,and my excuse has always benn that I use coupons which saves me a lot of money on grocery's but ultimately it ends up the same.
As of today no more I'm using whatever I have left and after that its Target..........any suggestions please let me know.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

12 year old entrepreneur

I have to say I have a new found respect for my daughter.
This last week she let me know that her school was going to be having an event and she would need $10.00 to be able to participate so I figured okay I'll have to give her the money this Monday so that she would be able to buy her ticket, not a big deal right since schools always seem to be having a function that requires students to pay their way in.
Well she decided that she would not ask me or my husband for the money instead she would figure out a way to raise it herself. She had found out my sister in law had been having yard sales so she asked me for items that we no longer use and put her own yard sale up on Saturday.
She was up until 12am Friday making her posters and woke up at 6am to put them out and organize her little yard sale needless to say without my help my baby made $90.00. I was so proud of her and to top it off she tried to give me $50.00 of her money (that I didn't take ) but just her offering me it almost made me cry I could not be more proud of the wonderful human being that I am raising.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I was on facebook today and a close friend of mine was commenting on her preschoolers class,
and she said how she appreciates educators because of all that they do and this is so true I've
always agreed that teachers are underpaid for the work that they do but to really examine things I find it hard sometimes to have my 3 kids keep up with their responsibilities at home, and they are great kids, ( really they are .....wink ....wink.... j/k) I cant imagine the pressure on our teachers to deal with all their job requirements( which cant be easy), but they also have to deal with a class filled with different personalities and temperament's. On that note my hats off to all of our teachers!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009


I love coffee!!!!!!!
I stumble out of bed at 6:30 am every morning to a new pot of coffee that just the smell of it alone makes me smile. It relaxes me and gets me in the greatest mood,(exaggerating) it warms me up, and I have the energy to get my kids up and ready for the day so I find myself most of the day with a new freshly poured cup and I think to myself why coffee? duhhhhhh alcohol doesnt taste good warm and it wouldnt be very good parenting skills on my behalf if I asked my kids for another can of beer. J/K