Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Family

How should we maintain a strong relationship?
I have been with my wonderful husband for close to fourteen years. We have a great family, and I can honestly say that I still love him more everyday..awwwwww.I am by no means an expert in the concept of marriage, because we continue to learn from each other everyday. Recently a dear friend of mine asked me how do we manage to still maintain a great relationship?, and my answer was "you have to have really low expectations" ha ha ha ha, no I'm only kidding. My answer was that there really isn't one everyone is different and no two relationships are the same. I happen to be very comfortable in just expecting nothing less then what I know I deserve, that is the basis in which I feel I can clearly state it, and in return I treat him the same. I'm never out there comparing our marriage to someone else's , that just wouldn't make any sense. We live in a society were many people feel the need to dictate how others should live (maybe to big of a statement) at least it seems that way at times, and don't get me wrong I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion which I greatly respect (always, I love diversity), but I think that when we listen to their advice we sell ourselves short from the reality that we want to live.

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