Saturday, June 6, 2009


Starting tomorrow I decided I'm going to put my juicer into use. My husband thought it would be a good idea to purchase one because of all the health benefits there is in having something completely natural (hes a bit of a health nut), and all I want to eat is french fries and a diet coke......go figure right!, talk about opposites attract.
Well I agreed to it only because I'm not good at taking vitamins ,so I'll be blogging about that this week. I'm going to give up coffee and my usual diet DR. Pepper we'll see how that goes (maybe i'll loose some weight.....aahaaaaaa...well maybe.
I do have to say that for me it's just better keeping it simple when I juice
because when you start getting creative you end up concocting a hideously disgusting drink that you now feel forced to drink. Oranges and Granny smith apples are my favorite fruits, because if you want to juice carrots all you will taste is the oranges or apples. So these are my main ingredients to start of with later on in the week all look into mixing it up just a bit.

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