Wednesday, June 24, 2009

self tanner

My new summer must have.

Okay so summer is here ,and I love wearing shorts and those cute summer dresses but I have a problem very white legs which might be okay if all of my body matched.....let me just say it doesn't!!! so I went on a mission to find a self tanner that would work best for me ( I never new how pricey they were). I went to Sephora (favorite to explore new cosmetics) first because of there wide range of brands and products ,and one of the girls that worked there recommended one for me so I bought it, it was from a brand called bliss. I tried it as soon as I got home, smelled very good but it didn't work, well at least for me my legs didn't seem to get any tanner but that night I had dinner with my friends with hands the color of an umpa lumpa mind you the product said no gloves needed oh well my friends had a great time at my expense lol .. needless to say I ended up returning it ..big bummer so I stopped by victorias secret loveeeeeeeeeee ,and they had there own brand of self tanners (they were having their semi annual sale!) so I bought the whole product line that they had since it was on sale. I paid half the price for all 4 products then the original tanner I first tried, and I love it .Bare Bronze is name of the brand from victorias secret . First I use the exfoliator smells so good and leaves your skin very soft then when my skin is dry I spray the self tanning spray, and the last step I do is apply the Bare Bronze gradual tan firming body moisturizer , then just a little daily glow moisturizer . Love my legs ,gave this as a gift to my sister n law for her birthday yesterday.

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