Thursday, June 25, 2009

Enjoy life

Our daily lives are so full of great things to appreciate it, and yet too often we choose to focus on the things that seem to be going wrong, why does that seem to be the case. Life is filled with many more positive, and uplifting things then bad ones. We always have a choice of going about our day as usual with very little or no satisfaction, getting trough the day like one more chore to cross of our list, or we can choose the alternate option that is always readily available for us in making this track around life meaningful. It really is easier then we make it out to be. Start by waking up in the morning, and look for things to be grateful for, the air in our lungs the sun in the sky ( cliche! maybe, but what would it be like without it, right!!). As living human beings we always have the option of looking at things in two ways good or bad why not opt for the better feeling thought that serves our life, and feeds our soul. For all of us moms, what better then to be the shiny example our children would want to aspire to be like. Time is essential and our power to improve is now be happy, and laugh often.

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