Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My foundation

I know I said in a previous post that I was done with my department store makeup, butttttt.... I couldn't do it. I was having very bad breakouts, so I decided to go back to Bare Minerals.I think the only reason I deviated from this brand was because I like shopping online or on qvc ,and there always seems to be something better, well when it comes to foundation I was wrong at least for my skin so I went out and bought it on Sunday along with an all over face color that looks a little like a bronzer (its called a little sun), I am very pleased, my skin seems to be looking better already and its only been a few days.
I'm still going to try and be a little frugal when it comes to eye shadows, lip gloss etc. but no more switching foundations.
One very great item that I did discover because I'm also a junkie when it comes to skincare was a moisturizer by neutrogena called visibly even it has a SPF 30, and it feels very lightweight in the past I've always used cliniques city block SPF 25 that is also very good but I think the neutrogena feels a lot lighter and has a higher SPF count and is formulated with Essential Soy which is suppose to help with skin discoloration. I recommended it to my sister n law and she loves it.

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